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Dear Scottsdale Resident,

Hi, I am Coach Ry and I want to make it my personal mission to help you finally reach your weight and fat loss goals, the same way I have already done for 100's of others.

With my proven fat loss methods, coaching, support and accountability, it is nearly impossible for you to fail.

You just have to be ready to commit and take action on the things I teach and prescribe for you to do.

It's that easy, you just have to make up your mind that right now, it is your time!
Coach Ry
Owner of True Strength Fitness

True Strength Fitness is a fat loss bootcamp that holds high energy, fun, and challenging workouts designed to burn maximum fat and tone your entire body in only 30 minutes.

We have a very strong community of like minded individuals who support each other in working towards a common goal of fat loss, better health, and improved confidence.

We believe fat loss and body recomposition is more of a behavioral and psychological battle then it is purely a physical one. That is why we created a proven fat loss system that eliminates the 4 "fail factors" that you have probably experienced in the past.
Over my 8 years in the industry, I became extremely frustrated with the big "box" gyms and how they treated their clients.

To achieve lasting and life changing results, you need to have all four "pieces of the fat loss puzzle" in place.

Chances are if you're like me you've failed at achieving your goals in the past. This is because most programs and big box gyms set you up for failure. They don't teach the 4 pieces of The Fat Loss Quadrant.
See, to finally burn the stubborn body fat, tone your muscles, and flatten your stomach,  you need to have a good knowledge of nutrition, you need to be doing the right type of exercise, you need to identify your pain point and internal motivation, and you need a place where you can be supported and held accountable to your goals.

In my experience, box gyms won't help you with all of this, or they make it extremely confusing. I discovered people needed a place where they could learn all of these things, not feel bad about themselves and intimidated, and be supported with other people who have the same goals as them! 
So I set out to create a safe place that will provide what other fitness centers are lacking and give women the results they want.

It is my mission to positively impact the lives of 500 local women and bring them life changing fat loss that leads to better health and improved confidence.

We give you a healthy lifestyle eating plan (NOT a diet). We deliver fun, high energy, high intensity interval training that specifically targets stubborn cottage cheese fat. We sit down and help you identify why you want to make this positive change in your life - and we plug you in to our strong community of accountability coaches, private facebook support group and other women just like you working to improve themselves every day.

We also have over 10 class times daily to accommodate your busy schedule.

If you are feeling lost, discouraged, lacking hope, and disgusted with yourself, you need to come join our fitness family.

You owe it to yourself to be happy, to feel confident, and to experience life in abundance!

You are worth it. 

I know you are probably feeling a bit anxious and nervous right now, but if you've read this far, you know you need to take action, take that first scary step, and commit to improving your health and confidence.

You will be met with open arms, and you will be give a custom game plan that is specifically designed for you, to help you reach the body and health you want.
Together we are strong!
I invite you to take action and join our 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program.
Just imagine how great you will feel 21 days from now when you've dropped significant body fat, improved your energy, and have a renewed vigor for life!

I know it seems impossible right now, but you absolutely can achieve your goals just like hundreds of other women already have, but only you can decide to take action and join.
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